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Come with us and explore the beaches of the Lizard....

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

We took a tour of just a few of the beaches the Lizard has to offer the other day...come and join us as we re-live one of our favourite things to do...

Explore Mullion Cove from Glebe Hall Holiday Cottages
Mullion Cove

1. Mullion Cove

Accessed through a cave tunnel! It certainly kicks the adventure off on the right note though, pretending to be smugglers and making it through to a nigh deserted beach.

Tip: Check the tide times before you do this one, the beach is only accessible at lower tide.

2. Kynance Cove

A short walk takes you down a valley until this awesome view unfolds in front of you. The colour of the water is breathtaking. We stopped at the cafe for a delicious iced coffee.

Tip: Arrive early! The (National Trust) car park is usually full by 11 ish in summer.

2. Pentreath

This one is not for the feint hearted! Leave the car at Kynance Cove car park and take the South West Coast Path along, it's a great walk. But heading down to the beach involves scrabbling down an almost completely eroded path, we sustained injuries! Because of this difficult access though this massive stretch of sandy beach and it's great surf will be almost entirely yours, a rarity especially in the height of summer.

Tip: *for safety reasons we would not recommend for anyone* Probably our favourite new beach though!

3. Church Cove

The Lizard Church Cove as opposed to Gunwalloe! A sweet little cove, great for a picnic and a swim.

Tip: Park at the Church car park

4. Kennack Sands

Cafe, Surf School, Sandy Beach.... everything you need for a great beach day.

5. Coverack

We took a walk around to the right of the bay, checking out the little shops along the way, watching the paddle boarders. The view from The Old Lifeboat House restaurant was pretty stunning.

Tip: Great food served at the Paris Hotel, grab a table in their beer garden - great views!

6. Flushing & Gillan

We walked down to the pretty little beach of Flushing on the Helford River and then walked to the right along the South West Coast Path to Gillan. Mostly locals visit these quiet spots, so picturesque we had a picnic dinner watching the boats and the sun sparkle over the water.

Tip: Park the car somewhere safe at the side of the road before you go down to Flushing (there is nowhere to park there and it is a dead end).

7. Poldhu & Church Cove (Gunwalloe)

To end the day we headed to Poldhu for a swim and a hot chocolate at the fantastic Poldhu Beach Cafe. Then we walked the coast path over to the next cove, Church Cove to look at the beautiful 'Church of the Storms'.

Tip: If you want to walk a bit further then you could keep going to the Halzephron Inn and have a sundowner before heading back to Poldhu

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